Photography & Video Production

We congratulate our colleagues from Bigair who recently launched their new website with amazing material. Marko Magister, Sebastián Vereertbrugghen, Simón Laprida & Pablo Wegrzyn are part of this talented team and are becoming one of the best and most creative team in Photography & Video production. 

Visit their website at

About Bigairphoto:

"We are a audiovisual and design company, seeking for aesthetic perfection in our work. By producing video and photography we help our clients to tell their story, show their work or express their art. 

We like to stay updated with the latest technology and constantly learning to interpret new trends and generate innovative content.

We were born in Patagonia Argentina and we share a lifestyle that keeps us bound to nature, sports, art and music. We like to meet new people and new activities that challenge us to excel as professionals and individuals."