DESIGNED By guido lanari


The WM (washing machine) is inspired by the futuristic design concepts that Electrolux has been developing in the Design Lab for many years, which helped to obtain the lines and image of the product.

It is dedicated to a demanding but not profressional domestic user, which demands a high-end, high quality and good performance product.

The design of the control panel tries to be simple and make easier for the user to program  the different washing combinations, varying the sizes of the commands, giving them a certain hierarchy, and performing a certain order  to indicate, from left to right, how each function and combinations  must be programmed.

The materials communicate quality and durability, giving a luxury image to the entire product. More importantly, it conveys cleanliness and purity, a fundamental aspect for a washing machine.

There was an extensive search of proportion and hierarchies, distribution and positioning for each component in a rigorous way, the communication and  legibility of information, contrast and segmentation by color, no color, brightness, reflections, textures, lights, shadows and level differences. The result is a balanced, sober, discreet product, which will  remain in time. 

What the product transmits, is what the product is: a good washing machine.




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